About our foodbank

Here is an introduction to our project.

We aim to redistribute food to people without or with insufficient food so they receive enough food to cope with the immediate crisis. We are right next to a mainline station in central London with good local transport connections, so a range of people visit us. People on low incomes, families, young and older, people with benefit delays, people experiencing emergencies and crisies, all of them people from our community, who our volunteers greet cheerfully.

We issue the emergency food allocations in exchange for vouchers they have been given by frontline professionals. The food has been donated from collections in local businesses, schools, churches, supermarkets and neighbourhoods.

Then children need not go hungry to school while their household resolves their problems, supported by by the frontline agencies. Elderly folk do not have to choose between eating and heating. Mothers do not have to choose to cope without essential personal items in order to buy food for their children.

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