Email for details of volunteer training. We need UHT milk please & volunteer drivers – we carry on with normal distribution sessions despite pandemic

16th March 2020

Our sessions are continuing as normal
Tuesday 12-4pm
Thursday 5:30-7pm
Saturday 11-12:30
Sunday 2-3:30

We would love you to volunteer, but you need to attend training first.
email for details of the next training opportunity and to reserve a place: [email protected]

Our chair of trustees, Dorothea Hackman, wrote the following letter to the Camden New Journal:

“I am writing to appeal to any readers who have stockpiled UHT milk to consider donating half to the foodbank this week, as the shops will have more next week to be bought then. We are desperately short of UHT milk – all types, especially full milk but also semi, skim and non-dairy; and there is none in the supermarkets to buy or online to order.

The Euston Foodbank continues to operate the normal four sessions a week which are staffed by our trained volunteers and well attended by people in the community, usually a rolling number of around 100 households a week. People may be on the five week delay of universal benefit, a pensioner with a sudden bill, homeless, on a low income e.g. due to zero hours contracts, and of course the virus is impacting on available work.

We include at least a litre of uht milk in the allocation for each household but this means we need up to 100 litres a week, and we get nothing like that donated. I think it is simply too heavy, like long life juice, which we also need. But kind people donate money through our website so we usually buy what we need every week.

However for the last ten days there has been none to buy due to people stockpiling against future shortage due to the virus, which has meant we have had no milk to give families with children, and vulnerable people in poor health have not benefited from this simple source of nourishment.

Do you have 20 litres of UHT milk in the boot if your car, could you give the foodbank half? Please don’t hoard more than you need because there are folk in our community who need it today, this week.

People ask what we are short of at the foodbank and it is UHT MILK please. (Also long life juice and tins of custard.) please give us your UHT milk!

We also really need volunteer drivers who are available in the evening to collect food from the local supermarkets. Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, mostly Co-op supermarkets nearby. If we can share this out between us we can have a timetable that is not too much of a burden on a couple of volunteers.
Consider donating money if you can’t bring items to us, as we have little capacity or funding to collect.

Do look on our website for the items we most need at the foodbank.

Donate food

You can drop these items off to us on Tuesdays 1-4pm or other times we are open.
Apologies if we don’t always answer the phone, we prioritise the people when we are open.

UHT milk, juice, tins of tuna, meat, rice, honey, dried fruit and nuts are always needed and grateful received. We need 5 tons of food a month to distribute, and we often receive only 70% of that in donations, so the more you can donate, the more we can support people. We currently have enough pasta, soup, tea, biscuits and beans, but are pleased with whatever you can give as we will be sure to need everything soon.

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